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Shuttha Shutthanandan, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist, WR Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, Interface Spectroscopy/Diffraction

P.O. Box 999, K8-93
Richland, WA 99352
Work: (509) 371-6530 Fax: (509) 371-6242 Updated: July 9, 2014

Current Activities and Projects

A major portion of Dr. Shutthanandan's current research at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory covers a broad range of materials synthesis, modification, and characterizations using state-of-the-art ion beam techniques available at EMSL's accelerator laboratory. Currently, he is focusing on the development of ion beam synthesis of nanomaterials and nanoclusters. In the nanocluster direction, he is using gold-implanted oxide materials (MgO, TiO2 and SrTiO3) as a model system to understand the complex process of nucleation and growth of nanoclusters. Development of nanoclusters is important because they can be used in several high-impact fields, such as photonics and catalysts.

In the nanomaterials direction, Dr. Shutthanandan is using an ion beam implantation technique to synthesize diluted magnetic semiconductor materials. Development of these materials is important because of their potential application in the area of spintronics. Recently, he and his co-workers successfully synthesized room-temperature ferromagnetic material (cobalt-doped rutile TiO2) using a high-temperature ion implantation technique. They use several state-of-the-art experimental techniques, such as VMS, RBS, XPS, XRD, XANES, and EXAFS to understand the magnetic, structural and compositional properties of this material.

Most recently, Dr. Shutthanandan successfully developed a unique, one of a kind ultra high vacuum (UHV) end-station with surface science, ion beam analysis and thin film deposition capabilities at the ion beam lab. Adding this end-station will allow scientists to do surface science measurements along with ion beam (bulk) measurements in ultra high vacuum conditions in one chamber.

Research Interests

Dr. Shutthanandan has an international reputation for his research studies of materials synthesis, modification, and characterizations using state-of-the-art ion beam techniques in general, and the application of ion beam techniques in environmental samples in particular. He has published research on the kinetic, dynamic and energetic considerations of thin film growth of metals-on-metals and oxides-on-semiconductors systems; surface and buried interface analysis using ion beams; the development of novel materials for spintronics, high-dielectric, catalysts and fuel cell applications; atmospheric aerosols analysis; ion beam modification of carbon nanotubes; ion beam synthesis of nano materials; hydrogen interaction with materials; radiation effects in solids; studies of ion exchange mechanism in waste storage model systems; and development of novel oxygen storage materials for automotive exhaust catalysts.

Dr. Shutthanandan is best known as a emerging leader in the development of the ion beam techniques to characterize environmental samples, specially atmospheric aerosols. He has developed a unique experimental setup utilizing several ion beam techniques for size and time-resolved characterization of aerosols. For this work, he has used several ion beam techniques such as proton induced x-ray emission, proton elastic scattering analysis, and scanning ion mass spectrometry along with statistical analysis to develop a fundamental understanding of transport of the atmospheric aerosols across the globe and to identify possible aerosol emission sources.

He has authored or coauthored more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific journal publications and contributed to more than 125 technical presentation (including 16 invited presentations) in the areas of ion beam synthesis, modification, and characterization of materials.

Past Experience

  • 2003-present: Senior Research Scientist II, PNNL

  • 2001-2003: Senior Research Scientist I,PNNL

  • 1999-2001,Research Scientist,PNNL

  • 1998-1999, Staff Analysts, Charles Evans and Associates

  • 1994-1998, Research Assistant Professor, Tuskegee University


  • Ph.D., Physics, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA (1994)

  • M.S., Physics, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA (1991)

  • B.S. Physics with honors, University of Jaffna, Sri-Lanka (1985)

Awards, Honors, & Appointments

  • Outstanding Contribution Award, Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Vacuum Society.

  • Certificate of Appreciation, Community College Initiative, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

  • Certificate of Appreciation, Richland School District.
  • Outstanding Performance Award, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

  • Who's Who in America, 57th Edition.

  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Montana State University.

  • Certificate of Appreciation, International Student Speakers Bureau, Montana State University.

  • First Class in Physics Degree, University of Jaffna.

  • Mahapola Higher Education Merit Fellowship for the best Physics Science Student, University of Jaffna.

  • Frequently invited lecturer at national and international symposia.

Professional Societies

  • Board member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Vacuum Society.

  • Editorial Board Member for DOE's undergraduate Journal.

  • Member of the American Vacuum Society.

  • Organized symposia for the American Vacuum Society's Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry, and Surface Analysis 2004.

  • Chair of the local arrangement committee, Surface Analysis 2004.

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